Improve Accuracy and Reduce your Lease Operating Expense and Risk in Upstream Oil & Gas Production


In this whitepaper, we will address both the technical approach to achieving the highest possible accuracy in allocation measurement, during custody transfer, and in process control; as well as the business advantages that can be achieved by incorporating Emerson’s Micro Motion flow and density measurement devices into upstream oil and gas production.
Specifically, discussion will include:

  • Accuracy – Comparison of Coriolis meters with positive displacement (PD) and turbine meters and the impact on allocation measurement, production management and custody transfer
  • Reducing lease operating expense – How improved operational efficiencies, reduced risk, increased uptime, decreased maintenance, and improved HSE combine to lower total cost of ownership and drive increased profitability
  • Risk – Improved HSE performance for workers as well as decreased risk to capital investment; the importance of defensible data during litigation


This white paper is sponsored by Micro Motion.

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