Survey Report: Smart Process Applications for a Mobile Workforce


In partnership with PennEnergy Research, OpenText surveyed energy companies in the oil and gas, power and services sectors to better understand how they are managing smart process apllications for their mobile workforces.  Download this report to discover the opinion of energy organizations on topics such as business drivers, innovation, BPM capabilities, deployment, mobile capabilities and usage of smart process applications.  Under the categories of 'energy industry priorities', 'key challenges and concerns', current state and organizational progress,' and 'goals and key drivers', we take a closer look at how today's energy organizations understand and deal with a range of mobile-related challenges.


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Top 20 Controls ICS Implementation Guide


Considering the complexity and scope of today’s critical control environment, compliance has become a key initiative. Coupled with the rise in cybersecurity threats, industrial control operators are in need of an effective, sustainable, and scalable change management approach.  The Top 20 Critical Controls Implementation Guide prioritizes security tools and provides actionable recommendations for your unique control systems environment.  By downloading this guide you will learn how to:

• Assess which best practices are not fully implemented in your environment
• Prioritize implementation based on business value(s) mapped to business drivers
• Evaluate solutions against capabilities when vetting vendor(s)

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Five Steps to Build an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability


Against today’s mutating threat landscape and sophisticated cybercriminals, security and risk (S&R) professionals are outgunned and outmatched. The traditional strategy of waiting for an alert and then responding to a compromise is futile against 21st century threat actors. Delayed responses when cyber criminals have already begun exfiltrating intellectual property aren’t acceptable. Something must change, and S&R professionals must proactively defend their networks and data. In this report, we draw from the principles of military intelligence and guide S&R pros through a five-step process to build and leverage threat intelligence capabilities.

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Big Data: Business Insight for Power and Utilities


With this paper Microsoft aims to distill the Big Data drivers, challenges, and opportunities for power and utility enterprises toward a truly integrated end-to-end solution approach.

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Mobility Innovations for the Next Generation Utility


Utilities are experiencing rapidly changing field mobility requirements as they race to keep up with constant change in the industry. This business paper reviews new mobile technologies that enable utilities to eliminate much of the cost and lag time associated with job paperwork.

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Six Hurdles to Change Management


Are you able to effectively monitor intelligent industrial endpoints and manage change within critical infrastructures?  Control systems were originally designed for simplicity, not requiring heavy change management.  Recently, these systems have increased in complexity to efficiently manage system reliability and uptime. The following white paper discusses overcoming 6 hurdles critical infrastructure companies face as they modernize and secure control systems environments.

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How Mobility Can Drive Shorter Estimated Time for Restorations (ETRs)


Utilities must be prepared to deal with storms, floods, and other catastrophic events that are today affecting a larger number of customers across a wider geographical area. Customers also expect their utility company to provide updates on critical situations at a lightning pace. Mobility can dramatically change how utilities operate during outage situations—and set restoration efforts apart from other utilities.

• Mobility can help everyone—the service provider, rescue crews, first responders, and customers
• Mobility can help improve customer communications and customer retention
• Mobility can help comply with SLAs to minimize fines
• Mobility can help utilities respond to a catastrophe in ways that were unforeseen just a few short years ago   

Read the eBook and find out just how mobility can help drive shorter ETRs.

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Improve accuracy & reduce your lease operating expense


In this whitepaper, we will address both the technical
approach to achieving the highest possible accuracy
in allocation measurement, during custody transfer,
and in process control; as well as the business
advantages that can be achieved by incorporating Emerson’s Micro Motion’s flow and density measurement devices into upstream oil and gas production.

Specifically, discussion will include:

• Accuracy – Comparison of Coriolis meters with
positive displacement (PD) and turbine meters
and the impact on allocation measurement,
production management and custody transfer

• Reducing lease operating expense – How
improved operational efficiencies, reduced risk, increased uptime, decreased maintenance, and improved HSE combine to lower total cost of ownership and drive increased profitability

• Risk – Improved HSE performance for workers
as well as decreased risk to capital investment;
the importance of defensible data during litigation

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Substation Communications Design Legacy to IEC 61850 Best Practices


Two trends, the migration of the electrical grid to the “Smart Grid” and the adoption of Ethernet networking technologies are causing many utilities to re-evaluate their substation communications infrastructure.   As operations move from “islands of automation” to systems that tie all the “islands” together many engineers, field technicians, managers, IT professionals and others do not know where to begin.   

To help, Belden has consolidated its learning and experience from helping hundreds of customers around the world design robust substation communications networks.  The result is an easy-to-follow process that incorporates the 10 best practices described in this white paper.  It provides guidance on segmenting Ethernet communications into groups, adding remote access, implementing security and more.

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How to Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance: Govern Your Documents Accordingly


Too often, organizations hear “information governance” and think “records management” and “compliance.” In today’s information-rich—sometimes information-saturated—business environments, information governance must do more, helping to also manage risk, reduce costs, drive operational excellence and provide strategic and decision-making value. In this paper, OpenText and PennEnergy take a collaborative look at the changing role of information governance as well as its evolving value proposition. The paper first examines the factors shaping the current information governance environment as they pertain to the energy industry. It then looks at key information governance trends in energy, discusses what advanced information governance can do for today’s organizations, reviews a range of achievable benefits and outlines some examples of successful industry implementations.

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Using Information Intelligence for the Energy Sector



In this IDC Energy Insights white paper, sponsored by EMC, the author provides an overview of, and recommendations on, the management of the asset life cycle, from planning all the way through to decommissioning. Systems and tools that support a project framework that can leverage information from a multitude of sources to drive decision making are also discussed.


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Enterprise Content Management in the Energy Industry: Increase Safety and Reliability, Reduce Costs and Damages


This Frost & Sullivan white paper looks at the need for enterprise content management to increase safety and reliability and reduce costs and damages. The energy sector has seen spectacular failures in recent years, in terms of human life, the environment, and costs to the companies and communities as they rely on paper-based information and processes.


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Managing Assets for Maximum Performance and Value


Investments in asset management software can provide benefits that far exceed the costs and technical challenges. A key to success is to manage assets on a lifecycle basis, tracking all relevant data from concept and commissioning through end of life and disposal. An asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) strategy can optimize visibility into current operations and create a solid foundation for master data management, business intelligence, and analytics.

This whitepaper describes the current state of asset management and explains why companies adopting ALIM report strong benefits and satisfaction. It also provides recommendations that will give you an edge and a competitive advantage when adopting ALIM.     

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