Evolution or Revolution: IT / OT convergence means a world of possibilities


The oil and gas industry is experiencing a rapid paradigm shift in regards to digital transformation. We have entered into a new era of “smart” technology during a time when price cuts on crude oil cause oil and gas companies to decommission rigs and cut investment in exploration and production.  In this article you'll find out how digitally evolving with the needs of service providers and customers will take a company into a new era of service.

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Predict, Prescribe, Profit: Creating a World that Doesn't Break Down


What are you doing to reduce unplanned downtime at your plant? Equipment breakdowns and process interruptions are a $20 billion USD problem. Millions are being spend on new maintenance solutions, but is that even addressing the problem? Effective, earlier detection of issues would eliminate these failures. Download this white paper to learn how leading manufacturers are using big data to solve reliability problems that only a few years ago were unsolvable.

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A Traders Guide to Analysis and Research


An e-book dedicated to helping you improve your analysis by looking at RBOB futures performance.

The refined fuels energy trading industry requires timely, in-depth and comparable market data. In today’s volatile and ever changing market, real-time data feeds and charting tools are the keys to minimizing risk and boosting profitability. For analysis and research, DTN ProphetX provides industry leading access to energy market data from prominent energy exchanges, along with a vast array of spot and futures prices, historical data, news, and weather information. Harnessing the powers of charting and technical analysis can give a leg up in successful market forecasting — allowing you to turn analysis into awareness and action.

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Storm Impact Analytics for Utilities


In recent years, increasingly volatile and extreme weather events have significantly impacted the operations and bottom lines of many utilities. Contributing to the problem are obsolete grid assets and a lack of automation, both of which can make it difficult to predict and prepare for the impact of weather threats. Customers also have greater expectations in regard to operational resilience. Adding to the pressure, social media puts utilities at an increased risk for public scrutiny if unhappy customers complain openly about poor outage response times. In addition, there is greater regulatory and political scrutiny over outages.

New, innovative storm impacts analytics technology will help utilities better prepare for storms — reducing restoration times, cutting costs, and minimizing impacts on customers. This new e-book will discuss these key factors, the case for change, and the new customer experience in the future.

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Reach New Heights: Six Best Practices in Planning and Scheduling


These 6 best practices have created millions of dollars in value for many global companies. Learn how these best practices, including analyzing your solution for robustness and using scheduling collaboratively to manage operational disruptions, can make your plant more reliable and profitable.

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Making DDoS Mitigation Part of Your Incident Response Plan: Critical Steps and Best Practices


Like a new virulent strain of flu, the impact of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack is very easy to see – you always know when your applications are down.However, obtaining a firm diagnosis quickly is often difficult and panic usually prevails until experts finally uncover the cause and develop a cure.

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The Multi-Tax Challenge of Managing Excise Tax and Sales Tax


To be able to accurately calculate multiple tax types, companies must be prepared to continually determine sales tax and keep up with all of the rates and rules of excise taxes—all of which can change dramatically from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Achieving compliance in this environment is no small feat, but it can be accomplished with the right automation tools.

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Operational Analytics in the Power Industry


Cloud computing, smart grids, and other technologies are changing transmission and distribution. Capital and operating costs are growing, as are competition and regulatory pressures.  In this environment, utilities are working to better understand and manage their operations.  Utilities are now leveraging a new generation of analytics that allows them to make smarter operational decisions, improve asset performance, and deliver better overall business outcomes.

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