Ultra-thin, Lightweight Conformal Coating Protection Increases the Reliability of Critical Electronics
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Duration: Approximately one hour.
Presented by: Tim Seifert, Military & Avionics Market Manager, Specialty Coating Systems Rakesh Kumar, PhD, Vice President of Technology, Specialty Coating Systems

Engineers are tasked with increasing the reliability of components that continue to grow in complexity and decrease in dimension.  For many years, conformal coatings have offered valuable protection, but many simply do not offer the level that is required for today’s innovative technologies. Ultra-thin and lightweight, Parylene conformal coatings enhance the reliability of devices and components, including PCBs, sensors, LEDs, MEMS, semiconductor products and elastomeric seals, to name a few. Engineers may draw upon one or more of the polymer’s attributes and properties:  truly conformal and pinhole-free coverage (no voids or gaps), thermal stability up to 350 ͦC long-term (450 ͦ C short-term), superior moisture and chemical barrier properties, high dielectric strength per unit thickness and low coefficient of friction. 

This webinar will discuss Parylene coatings – how they are applied, their properties and benefits, and the industries and applications where Parylenes commonly provide reliable protection.  The presentation will also review advances in adhesion technologies, which have significantly increased bonding to difficult surfaces (e.g., highly polished metals and a variety of polymers), and the use of Parylene as a structural, nano-scale material.

Join us for this event sponsored by Specialty Coating Systems.

Presented by:
Tim Seifert Military & Avionics Market Manager Specialty Coating Systems   Tim Seifert-120x160
Rakesh Kumar, PhD Vice President of Technology Specialty Coating Systems   Rakesh-Kumar-120x160
Sponsored by:
Specialty Coating Systems:

With over 45 years of experience in Parylene engineering and applications, Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) is the world leader in Parylene conformal coating technologies. We’re a direct descendant of the companies that originally developed Parylene, and we leverage that expertise on every project – from initial planning to process application.

SCS employs some of the world’s foremost Parylene specialists, highly experienced sales engineers and expert manufacturing personnel, working in state-of-the-art coating facilities in 12 countries worldwide. Our extensive, proactive approach to production and quality requirements gives our customers peace of mind and minimizes the resources they need to meet even the most challenging requirements and specifications.

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