Productivity Enhancing Bolting Techniques
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Duration: Approximately one hour.
Presented by: Eric Junkers, President, HYTORC Mike Dolan, Chief Engineer, HYTORC Joe Paul, Technical Director, HYTORC

Reducing your Flange assembly time by 50% with innovative bolting methods.

Join our speakers as they address the following topics:

  • Improving job-site safety with innovative bolting systems
  • New bolting methods to reduce turnaround time
  • Benefits and drawbacks of popular bolting systems
  • Eliminating bolt damage and flange surface damage
  • New training programs to improve operator safety and efficiency

Presented by:
Eric Junkers President HYTORC   Eric-Junkers-120x160
Mike Dolan Chief Engineer HYTORC   Mike-Dolan-120x160
Joe Paul Technical Director HYTORC   Joe-Paul2
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