Ultra-thin, Lightweight Conformal Coating Protection Increases the Reliability of Critical Electronics

Original Broadcast Date: December 12, 2017 Overview:

This webinar will discuss Parylene coatings – how they are applied, their properties and benefits, and the industries and applications where Parylenes commonly provide reliable protection.  The presentation will also review advances in adhesion technologies, which have significantly increased bonding to difficult surfaces (e.g., highly polished metals and a variety of polymers), and the use of Parylene as a structural, nano-scale material.

Join us for this event sponsored by Specialty Coating Systems.


Co-Optimizing Energy and Process in the Microgrid

Original Broadcast Date: December 12, 2017 Overview:

Whether operating a building, campus, industrial or manufacturing process the resiliency and value of CHP in District Energy Systems may be greatly enhanced by adding intelligent microgrid energy control systems.  A microgrid enables islanding from the utility and preservation of plant operations and the critical loads being supported.  Traditional CHP and District Energy Control Systems integrated with microgrid systems may co-optimize supply and demand of both thermal and electrical energy.  Enterprise software optimizes power system operations based on energy prices, fuel prices, tariffs and dynamic rates, site environmental constraints, demand response calls and optimizes the schedule of energy assets in play.  This presentation will review some optimization use cases where BMS, Process Automation/CHP and Microgrid Controls provide enhanced value to the end user or asset owner.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Schneider Electric.


Reducing Offshore Wind Costs Using Oil and Gas Technology

Original Broadcast Date: November 29, 2017 Overview:

The U.S. offshore wind industry is starting to take shape.  There are turbines in the water at Block Island, a Power Purchase Agreement in place for South Fork Wind farm off the coast of Long Island and many other offshore wind farms in planning off the coasts of Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Virginia and the Carolinas, and many of the project owners have roots in European offshore oil and gas. 

This webcast will explore the innovations that O&G has brought to wind in terms of cost reductions, looking toward the EU, where costs dropped dramatically over 10 years.  We’ll look at how digital technologies are helping to reduce costs by implementing cloud computing and digital analysis and we’ll explore how partnerships with offshore companies can be beneficial to both parties and reduce costs.

Please join us for this event sponsored by Bentley Systems.


The Value that Supply Chain Optimization Solutions Deliver

Original Broadcast Date: October 23, 2017 Overview:

Trading and marketing companies face unique challenges around storage and annual planning. Fluctuating prices add pressure to margins, creating the need to make more informed decisions. The webcast will focus on how energy companies that embrace data-driven analysis can increase margins by adapting quickly to variability in the supply chain.

During the webcast, Chris Cox, Director of Rail Logistics at NGL Energy Partners, will present a case study of the optimization solution that capSpire developed in collaboration with NGL Energy Partners: capSpire Supply Chain Optimization (SCO) for Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs). This module optimizes the supply-chain operating practices of midstream organizations and assists them in keeping track of demand on an ongoing basis. This enables organizations to improve their planning operations and react quickly throughout fast-moving market changes during the busy season. 

Chris will discuss some of the challenges NGL faced prior to implementing SCO for NGLs and the obstacles they overcame. He will also explain how the solution helped NGL Energy Partners to become a more data-driven organization. Following the discussion of the case study, Mike Scharf, Co-Founder of capSpire, will present a demonstration of SCO for NGLs. 

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by capSpire, Inc.


Logistics showcase-Oil and Gas Pipeline Scheduling

Original Broadcast Date: September 26, 2017 Overview:

Midstream companies in the oil and gas industry need to be more efficient and effective. To do this, they need better planning goals. One of the industries' common goals is to satisfy demand and to keep the balance of product in the network. Another goal is to reduce operational risks associated with exceeding inventory limitations or network shutdowns. Additionally, midstream pipeline companies are also focused on minimizing pipeline operational costs. For example, reducing product transmixing. Due to the expensive nature of the product and the resources required to manage, store and transport refined products, even small improvements in planning can deliver considerable savings. This webinar, sponsored by Quintiq, will focus on how technology can help midstream oil and gas companies achieve these planning goals.


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