Achieving Operational Integrity through improved Asset Information Governance


Thought-leading companies in asset-intensive industries realize that accurate asset information is essential to effective operations.  In fact, inaccurate or incomplete asset master data or documentation can cause a broad range of problems including increased environmental, health and safety risks, regulatory violations, reduced facility uptime, and increased capital project costs.    OpenText and Utopia, will discuss how they are addressing the operational integrity challenge, with an asset information management framework to support the synchronized governance of both documents and data.


Strategic Opportunities for Oil & Gas with High Performance Computing


This informative webcast, sponsored by Hewlett Packard, will highlight the strategic opportunities High Performance Computing (HPC) makes available to the oil and gas sector to maintain growth and gain competitive advantage. Learn how your enterprise can implement industry-leading, HPC infrastructure with highly efficient systems and solutions to solve scientific, engineering and data analysis problems—regardless of scale.


Creating the Internet of Your Things in Power & Utilities


Attend this webcast, sponsored by Microsoft, to understand The Internet of Things and hear practical guidance for applying it in the Power & Utilities industry.


Why NFPA 2112 Should Be Important In My FR Clothing Program


Attendees will learn about the primary subjects essential to understanding, and protecting against, the flash fire hazard in the workplace. Causes and consequences of flash fire are examined, with emphasis on historical data, real accidents, body burn injury and non-flame resistant vs flame resistant clothing.  Discussion of the current standards and enforcement, especially NFPA 2112/2113 and OSHA, including a look at what the future may bring and the pending enforcement, hazard analysis and FR clothing performance testing, focusing on the quantification of NFPA 2112 certification of garments.

Please join us for this presentation sponsored by Bulwark.


The Journey to Self-Service Business Intelligence


Join this webcast, presented by Microsoft Corporation and WIPRO, to find out how your organization can create a step-change in information and analytics to drive additional business value, empower employees to implement tangible changes, and improve the cost/risk equation.


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