Performance Management in Power Generation


Please join Asish Adhikari, Director, Industry Solutions, in a discussion on the need of a closed-loop performance management framework combining asset & process, delivering higher asset performance and enhanced business control to achieve operational efficiency for a sustainable and connected plant.


Using the Latest Technology to Achieve Workforce Excellence


The step change in technology can be leveraged to enhance your workforce to increase safety, productivity, teamwork and efficiency. Any company that implements any of the available technologies we see an immediate impact on profitability. Regardless of the current workforce enablement solutions that you employ, there are technologies that can be rolled out on you infrastructure including mobile technology, business process management, operator training, virtual reality or augmented reality. 

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Schneider Electric.


Productivity Enhancing Bolting Techniques


Reducing your Flange assembly time by 50% with innovative bolting methods.

Join our speakers as they address the following topics:

  • Improving job-site safety with innovative bolting systems
  • New bolting methods to reduce turnaround time
  • Benefits and drawbacks of popular bolting systems
  • Eliminating bolt damage and flange surface damage
  • New training programs to improve operator safety and efficiency

The Digital Journey to Asset Excellence


When industries focus on containing operating expenses, the last thing they can afford is an asset failure that forces a shut down or a decrease in operational capacity. Organizations need to shift to a holistic and operations-centric view where proactive and predictive maintenance enables front line personnel to act before costly failures occur. This fundamental shift helps customers exceed reliability, safety and performance goals.


Digital Journey: Getting the most out of your operation with Real-time Combustion Optimization


Power generators today worry about maximum reliability, efficiency and agility while complying with industry regulation. Real Time Combustion Optimization not only improves boiler heat rate and minimizes NOx continuously but also increases boiler operating flexibility and stability throughout the controllable load range.  This results in maximum profitability for your plant!


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