Benefits of a Secure SD-WAN Service


Businesses are becoming more geographically diverse and are rapidly migrating to hybrid cloud – giving rise to multiple concerns about the security of their wide area networks (WANs).  This new offering from IBM Security based on a Juniper Networks solution uses the zero-trust model and can combine existing managed security service offerings to provide integrated, end-to-end security architecture. In this webcast you will learn how to :

  •  Help enable zero-trust security with software- defined wide area network (WAN)
  •  Facilitate improved network performance and substantial cost savings for both operational and telecom circuit expenses
  •  Help accelerate hybrid cloud adoption and better manage regulatory compliance

Building a Business Case for Asset Performance Management Initiatives


The paradox faced by many Operations stakeholders is that while they understand (and are open to) how technology can transform the way they work in the future, the bigger challenge is often getting it funded in an environment of relentless cost pressure. Furthermore, building a business case for initiatives like Asset Performance Management can get complicated when it involves multiple stages in the transformation journey. 

Join us on June 13 for a webinar co-hosted by Tim Stuart of Visual Decisions and Sree Hameed of Schneider Electric where we share some insights and examples (including the Power industry) in developing business cases for technology-based Operational improvement initiatives.


Growth Imperative for Commodities Firms


In this webinar, representatives from Sapient Consulting, Allegro and IDC, come together to tackle the big issues driving transformation in the energy and commodity markets. They will discuss the shift companies must now make from cost saving to growth in order to survive.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What are the disrupting trends that create unique opportunities for innovation?
  • Are digital transformation (DX) and investments in DX the new technology enablers?
  • How to use data and advanced analytics as critical drivers for growth and a way to establish a competitive edge.

Performance Management in Power Generation


Please join Asish Adhikari, Director, Industry Solutions, in a discussion on the need of a closed-loop performance management framework combining asset & process, delivering higher asset performance and enhanced business control to achieve operational efficiency for a sustainable and connected plant.


Using the Latest Technology to Achieve Workforce Excellence


The step change in technology can be leveraged to enhance your workforce to increase safety, productivity, teamwork and efficiency. Any company that implements any of the available technologies we see an immediate impact on profitability. Regardless of the current workforce enablement solutions that you employ, there are technologies that can be rolled out on you infrastructure including mobile technology, business process management, operator training, virtual reality or augmented reality. 

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Schneider Electric.


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