Harsh Environment Protection for Advanced Electronics and Components


This webinar will offer an opportunity to learn more about ultra-thin Parylene conformal coatings – how they are applied, applications they protect today, and the properties and benefits they offer, including:
•    Thermal stability up to 450°C long-term (350°C short-term)
•    Excellent chemical and moisture barrier properties
•    High dielectric strength per unit thickness
•    Superior UV stability
•    Low coefficient of friction
•    Truly conformal, pinhole-free coverage (no air-gaps or voids)
The webinar will also discuss recent advances in adhesion technologies, which have significantly increased bonding strength to highly polished metal surfaces and polymeric substrates, and the role Parylenes play in advanced micro and nano-level technologies.  

As applications and materials continue to evolve, new developments in Parylene conformal coatings enhance performance and reliability, adding value to products and applications.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Specialty Coating Systems.


Adding GPS vehicle management to your team


A GPS fleet management system can be a highly effective tool to help lower costs, improve productivity, and manage your vehicles more efficiently. But with many vendors and products to choose from, how can you determine which will best fit your business?

In this webinar, sponsored by Verizon Networkfleet, you will learn what GPS vehicle tracking is and how it can save your company time and money.  With a system installed you can keep your driver safe and your vehicles out of the repair shop.  Join us today to learn how GPS vehicle tracking can work for your business.


Transforming the petroleum supply chain with the Internet of Things


The equipment involved in producing, moving, refining and selling petroleum is expensive, and rugged, and comes from hundreds of manufacturers. Enhanced by the Internet of Things (IoT), Rockwell Automation is extending its systems that monitor these valuable capital assets and provide more accurate and timely information.  With this real-time view of the operation of machinery in far-flung and isolated regions, Rockwell Automation is making it possible for businesses to remotely monitor assets across the supply chain, from extraction to logistics, refinement to retail — and even predict potential problems and costly failures before they happen.  Above and beyond improving asset utilization, the real-time access to accurate operating data is also enabling new business models that are delivering incremental value across the entire Oil and Gas supply chain.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Microsoft.


Connected Decision-Making: Improving Asset Operations Through Comprehensive Information Management


Energy asset operators are faced with a paradigm today: increase efficiency and reliability levels while fighting to extend the lifespan of these aging asset. To meet these opposing aspirations, companies often find that it is critical to create a comprehensive view of the energy asset, its history, performance data, technical information, and associated documentation.

Join us on May 20th to hear industry experts discuss these industry challenges and technology adoption trends. During this webcast, sponsored by EMC Corporation, you’ll learn about real-world examples of forward-thinking organizations leveraging new technologies to make more informed decisions, improving efficiency and extending asset lifespans.


Turnaround Bolting Optimization


Improving turnaround safety, quality and schedule with innovative bolting methods.

Join our speakers as they address the following topics:

  • Improving job-site safety with innovative bolting systems
  • New bolting methods to reduce turnaround time
  • Benefits and drawbacks of popular bolting systems
  • Eliminating bolt damage and flange surface damage
  • New training programs to improve operator safety and efficiency

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