Worldwide Refinery Survey and Complexity Analysis 2017

Both the Nelson Complexity Index (NCI) and Equivalent Distillation Capacity (EDC) are included in this worksheet. 123 U.S and 500 Worldwide Refineries are included in this survey.

Worldwide Pipeline Construction Report 1983-2017

33 years of Pipeline Data from the Oil & Gas Journal

Worldwide Pipeline Construction Projects - Fall 2016

Worldwide Petrochemical Construction Projects - Fall 2016

The Oil & Gas Journal's Worldwide Construction Survey is the source for this survey. Updated twice a year in May and November.

North America Shale Directory

The most comprehensive shale data source available. In spreadsheet format. 8,001 contacts across the 31 most prominent North American shales.


Packed with surveys in PDF format from the Oil & Gas Journal and Offshore Magazine. View The Gas Processing Survey, the OGJ 100/OGJ 150, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Discoveries, and the Refining Survey from 2014.

Worldwide Seismic Vessel Survey 2015

Worldwide listing of 170 seismic vessels. Expanded this year to include additional vessel types.

US Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Discoveries and Status 2015

Status of US Gulf of Mexico deepwater discoveries in spreadsheet format.

Top Ten Offshore Drilling Contractors 2006-2015

Historical review and ranking of the top ten offshore contractors. Provides a rig count by operator and geographic region. Spreadsheet plus articles from Offshore Magazine.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Survey 2014

The biennial Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey and associated article demonstrates miscible CO2's domination in current EOR projects as compared to steam injection. There were 109 miscible CO2 projects listed versus 48 steam projects.