Transformer Winding Hot Spot Temperature Determination

45 minutes


Why should you watch this webinar?

  • To learn the latest developments on how to effectively monitor a transformer’s internal temperature.
  • Loading capability of power transformers is limited mainly by winding temperature. Knowing exactly the internal temperature allows for better loading capability, hence more revenues.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • After reviewing basic data (ex: insulation paper aging rate with temperature), we will conduct a comparison of the traditional means of measuring temperature (IEEE, IEC) and the fiber optic sensors values in real time. We will also cover the technology aspect (how it works) before exposing field experience from a customer using sensors and how it relates to their overloading capability. • 

What are some of the risks of not determining the winding hot spot on a transformer?

  • Inaccurate calculation of the hot spots not only limits the transformer’s load but also cannot effectively evaluate the insulation paper aging/the transformer loss of life. It is technically very difficult to evaluate loss of life without the use of direct, real-time measurements. 
Francis Raveneau is a Global fiber optic product specialist at Neoptix, a division of Qualitrol. He is responsible for supporting technical sales for the Americas, China and India, and advises Utilities on how to best use fiber optic temperature sensors and the different Neoptix products. Francis has 8 years of experience in selling fiber optic temperature sensors to Utilities and Transformer Manufacturers. Francis holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business.
Jean-Noël Bérubé is a founding member of Neoptix and currently holds the position of Global fiber optic product specialist. He is heavily involved in the application of fiber optic temperature sensors for hot spot temperature monitoring in power transformers. Jean-Noel travels throughout the world, training transformer manufacturers on how best to install and use fiber optic temperature sensors. An electrical engineer and IEEE member with more than 35 years of experience, his field of expertise includes instrument design and applications where optic, electronics and software are applied together.


Qualitrol Company LLC :

Established in 1945, Qualitrol is an independent subsidiary of Danaher with corporate headquarters located in Fairport, NY, USA. Our business units offer powerful solutions in the areas of:

Asset Protection
Qualitrol is the leading global supplier of protection instruments used on transformers. Our products are used on transformers globally, examples of which are oil and winding thermometers, pressure relief and pressure monitors, fiber optic direct winding temperature measurement, electronic transformer monitors and liquid level gauges.

Transmission and Distribution
We are the leading global supplier of digital fault recorders and traveling wave fault location equipment. These products are used in high voltage power transmission lines. Qualitrol also offers a best-in-class power quality monitor used in the lower voltage distribution power network.  

Condition Monitoring (for T&D) - Partial Discharge
Our Glasgow, UK team is the leading global supplier of partial discharge condition based monitoring systems for Gas Insulated Switchgear, GIS.

Condition Monitoring (for Generation) - Rotating Machines
The newest additions to the Qualitrol portfolio of products are those for rotating machines, generators and large motors. We are the largest global supplier of partial discharge monitoring on power generators in hydro, nuclear and fossil fuel power generation plants. Innovative test products for both the rotor and stator round out the product offering.


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