Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis

Approximately a half hour.



Are you monitoring the dissolved gasses in your transformer right now?

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  • Why is it critical to the transformer?

  • How does monitoring DGA effect your bottom line?

Robert Moses
Senior Project Engineer
Qualitrol Company LLC
Emilio Morales
Technical Application Specialist in Transformer applications
Qualitrol Company LLC

Qualitrol Company LLC :

Established in 1945, Qualitrol is an independent subsidiary of Danaher with corporate headquarters located in Fairport, NY, USA. Our business units offer powerful solutions in the areas of:

Asset Protection
Qualitrol is the leading global supplier of protection instruments used on transformers. Our products are used on transformers globally, examples of which are oil and winding thermometers, pressure relief and pressure monitors, fiber optic direct winding temperature measurement, electronic transformer monitors and liquid level gauges.

Transmission and Distribution
We are the leading global supplier of digital fault recorders and traveling wave fault location equipment. These products are used in high voltage power transmission lines. Qualitrol also offers a best-in-class power quality monitor used in the lower voltage distribution power network.  

Condition Monitoring (for T&D) - Partial Discharge
Our Glasgow, UK team is the leading global supplier of partial discharge condition based monitoring systems for Gas Insulated Switchgear, GIS.

Condition Monitoring (for Generation) - Rotating Machines
The newest additions to the Qualitrol portfolio of products are those for rotating machines, generators and large motors. We are the largest global supplier of partial discharge monitoring on power generators in hydro, nuclear and fossil fuel power generation plants. Innovative test products for both the rotor and stator round out the product offering.

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