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Contract Management a Competitive Reality

If the activities of any global energy firm are broken down into individual tasks you would see thousands of contracts. Energy firms can invest in a more modern approach to contract lifecycle management to handle these vital documents, retain confidentiality and improve their position within the industry.

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Future Oil & Gas Supply-Potholes & Options

Rafael Sandrea, Ph.D. and President of IPC Petroleum Consultants, Inc., provides insights into US natural gas supply in his microblog,
Future Oil & Gas Supply-Potholes & Options.

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OTC 2014 News

OTC 2014

PennEnergy brings you the latest news and announcements for The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) 2014 from across the industry. Click here for coverage before, during and after OTC – a premier gathering for energy professionals offering peer-selected technical programs and the latest innovations in products and services.