A gas processing facility in East Texas with 2 trains processing 100 MMSCFD was not meeting product specifications in their residue sales gas. The facility processes natural gas from the nearby well gathering system by amine treating to remove sour components such as C02 and H2S. This sweetened, or sour components removed, natural gas is what makes up the residue sales gas. At the end of the facility are compressors so the gas can enter the sales gas pipeline. A result of this compression is the entrainment of aerosolized heavy lube oils that have to be removed before custody transfer, or sale to the pipeline. The heavy lube oils can cause the metering devices at custody transfer to read incorrectly and foul. This is a major issue because both the processor and customer want to be selling/buying the correct amount of gas.


Pentair analyzed the process and found a solution to avoid the consequences of undesirable carryover, and more importantly, their downstream customer rejecting and shutting in the residue sales line. We were originally contacted as a result of proven performance the client had witnessed in previous projects. An engineer for the client had previously witnessed our aerosol demonstration and was very impressed with the visual difference as to how Pentair’s UltiSep with APEX technology compares to conventional solutions.


A drop-in upgrade solution was quickly identified that would solve their timely issue. Our product management team designed the element from detailed measurements of the conventional element design. This new element, utilizing a proprietary Uniform media technology, would give them a much higher performance separation. The element is designed with technology capable of removing sub-micron aerosols at 99.97% efficiency. As a result of a swift solution and high separation performance, we ensured their residue sales gas was within specifications.


By avoiding a shut-in of the sales gas line, the plant saved $325,000 a day in loss revenue at current prices.


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