Get Content Under Control

Maintaining and operating a plant or large-scale asset can be a very challenging job.  One of the most difficult issues is keeping track of important documents that contain critical information.  Often these documents are paper-based and are stored in file cabinets in many different locations, or are kept on shared drives used by lots of departments in company silos with no one overseeing the full content.

To effectively run a plant and comply with regulators who could might review your activities at any time, it’s critical to get control of content.  You never know when someone will need to execute orders, perform maintenance or complete other tasks.  The best way to do this is to have a well organized central repository of all documents.  This helps to manage all paper documents, scale up or down as needed, and coordinate all information.  It’s essential to have a properly organized industry standard folder structure where the documents are connected with each other through metadata that shows relationships and relevance.  Maintaining one system can make it possible to find the right information quickly.  For example, all information about a specific valve or pump and accompanying performance can be found easily in a single search.

EMC has worked closely with 102 plant managers over many years.  This long-term collaboration enabled the identification of best practices, processes and tools to improve information management.  Organizations that take advantage of these tools have become more efficient, and workers complete their daily tasks easier by leveraging the information foundation. EMC Documentum has rebuilt workflows that leverage industry standards to create best practices and can help you manage the tough job of getting your content under control.



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