Enterprise Content Management in the Energy Industry: Increase Safety and Reliability, Reduce Costs and Damages

Some of the most devastating commercial accidents have been in the realm of the oil and gas industry. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill in April 2010 is still being battled in the courts and on Wall Street.

Pundits and journalists have also looked to blame the industry culture for exacerbating a harmful situation, if not causing it. More detailed and better managed information has an important role in accident mitigation, if not prevention.  Appropriate documentation and communication across different roles and entities on a project is critical to smooth and safe operations.

Beyond the obvious benefits in preventing or dealing with incidents, the overall cost and efficiency benefits of such systems are also vital to everyday operations. With increasing environmental regulations, companies building and commissioning new plants need to be keenly accurate in the management of data of their operations.

A study by market research firm Frost & Sullivan suggests that for an enterprise content management solution to be able to make a significant difference in the everyday operations and risk aversion of an energy plant or industrial facility, it needs to be comprehensive, flexible, and responsive.  

Read more about enterprise content management by downloading the Frost & Sullivan white paper at http://www.pennenergy.com/whitepapers/pennenergy-white-papers/2014/03/enterprise-content-management-in-the-energy-industry-increase-safety-and-reliability-reduce-costs-and-damages.html


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