Monitoring energy assets with flat panel technology

Improving a control room doesn’t necessarily mean reconstructing the environment from the ground up. It can mean upgrading an existing space to include new LCD panels and processors. In the case of Invenergy, which owns and operates power generation and energy storage facilities in the Americas and Europe, the solution was to outfit its control center with an ultra-narrow bezel LCD video wall and Christie Phoenix systems.

Christie® worked with AVI-SPL, the world’s leader in AV systems integration, to install 10 Christie FHD552-X HD 55-inch flat panels and five Christie Phoenix® systems in Invenergy’s control center (ICC) in Chicago.  The ICC was initially located in the Operations building at a wind project in Texas, far from the head office, and only operated when technicians were off site. Hampered by power and internet connectivity issues, Invenergy made the decision to bring the control room to Illinois.

Along with the move to Chicago came the decision to replace their existing outdated video wall with a new system. Says Brad Purtell, director, Wind Operations Support, Invenergy, “The Christie wall provided the same size monitor displays at 55 inches, but with ultra-narrow bezels making the distance between pixels from monitor to monitor only 3.5 mm. The other item that we like about the monitors is that there is no loss of pixels moving from display to display, but rather one continuous picture.”

With AVI-SPL providing the design and installation of the video wall, Invenergy selected 10 Christie FHD552-X HD 55-inch flat panels, in a five by two configuration, and five Christie Phoenix systems to power the wall. Purtell says the selection of the Phoenix system was a given. “The Phoenix was the first product that we wanted, before we decided which display to go with. Its ability to expand a display to whatever size needed, between the dimensions of the entire wall, is something that is amazing. We have the ability to display operational or market related data that might be important at a specific time across one display or across all 10 that are included in the video wall.”

Adam Stanton, test engineer, AVI-SPL, lauds Christie’s flat panels. When asked about the decision to install the 55-inch panels he says, “Why Christie flat panels? They’re really high quality, they’re durable, they’re more energy efficient compared to others in its class, and it’s backed by a Christie warranty.”

Invenergy is considering the many ways to use the video wall, including displaying data from sites in Poland and Scotland via the wall in Chicago. Says Mark Senkevicius, network engineer, Invenergy, “Aesthetically speaking, it looks better than our old system does. The resolution is a lot better. When we put the large screens up many people were blown away by how the system looked in general. The system has the functionality and flexibility that we need.”

Invenergy recently upgraded its control center with a Christie solution comprising a tiled LCD panel video wall and a Christie Phoenix content management system.

Christie LCD Panels: For today’s control rooms

Clearly presented information is critical to making informed decisions, and a well-designed video wall can increase the efficiency and productivity of energy sector teams by ensuring accurate and timely information. Christie offers a range of options suitable for control rooms in its new Aspect family of LCD panels. Whether you’re concerned about combined bezel width, space constraints or budget, there’s a panel to meet your need.

The newest member of the Aspect family is the Christie Extreme Series of flat panels. Joining the Performance and Ultra Series under the Aspect family umbrella, the Extreme Series offers a range of options including brightness, power and connectivity, all capable of displaying critical data reliably and consistently.

Extreme Series: Christie’s new high-performance series of LCD panels

The new Extreme Series delivers a near-seamless video wall with a combined bezel of only 1.7 millimeters. It provides the ultimate viewing experience with crystal-clear images and true-to-life colors with four models in a range of brightness levels and features an advanced electronics platform with an optional redundant remote power supply.

With Extreme Series’ advanced panel matching, the brightness and color of each panel is factory calibrated, eliminating much of the image adjustments typically required when installing video walls. For image uniformity across the entire video wall and consistent performance throughout its lifetime, the Smart Light Control feature can automatically adjust the brightness of each panel.


Both the Extreme Series and Performance Series feature an OPS slot, making them compatible with the Christie Phoenix™ EP, for a complete video wall solution perfect for critical viewing environments. One Phoenix EP processes networked sources, decodes and manages audiovisual and data sources on up to two Christie flat panels. Phoenix EP streamlines system designs, and eliminates requirements for AV extension and distribution equipment.

Ultra Series

Available in 46 and 55-inch models, the Christie Ultra Series offer the perfect, professional-grade, tiled LCD panel solution for a wide range of video wall applications. This ultra-narrow bezel, flat panel display offers high pixel density and users can convey their information with controlled brightness suitable for a variety of indoor environments.

The Christie 55-inch FHD552-X LCD panel, part of the Ultra Series, features an ultra narrow 3.5 mm combined bezel, making it ideal for video wall displays in indoor environments, such as control rooms. With HD resolution and a LED-backlit screen, images look sharp at any distance and with its controlled brightness, the Ultra Series is ideal for control room applications where lighting is of utmost importance.

Performance Series

The  Christie 49-inch FHD492-XV and 55-inch FHD552-XV LCD flat panels are a versatile and affordable option for use in 24/7 environments.  Part of the Performance Series, both panels provide the renowned Christie quality in a value-priced LCD display. With a combined 13-millimeter (6.5mm per side) bezel, this series is perfect for installations using multiple images on multiple screens, where bezel width isn’t of primary importance.

The best control rooms bring together multiple data sources in real-time, and present this data in a controllable visual format that can be displayed at any size and by multiple operators. Christie LCD panels offer the flexibility, reliability and quality that control rooms demand, resulting in a 24/7 environment where issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 


About Christie

Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. is a global visual and audio technologies company and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ushio, Inc., Japan, (JP:6925). Consistently setting the standards by being the first to market some of the world’s most advanced projectors and complete system displays, Christie is recognized as one of the most innovative visual technology companies in the world. From retail displays to Hollywood, mission critical command centers to classrooms and training simulators, Christie display solutions and projectors capture the attention of audiences around the world with dynamic and stunning images. Visit www.christiedigital.com for more information.