Video wall displays for monitoring power and utilities assets

Video wall displays for monitoring power and utilities assets


The master control room of an average utility can be a stressful environment. Utility companies must manage their resources carefully to minimize costly disruptions to service. Assimilating data from multiple sources to create accurate, usable information is crucial to effective operations. Operators need clear information to make informed decision on critical issues – ensuring consistent and uninterrupted service for customers. The challenge lies in effectively visualizing real-time intelligence for efficient monitoring, awareness and communication.


Large video display walls are ideal for information sharing, especially in operations centers that watch over power and utility generation, transmission and distribution.  The three primary categories of video walls technology are LCD panels, LED-lit DLP® projection cubes and LED display walls (LED tiles). While each technology is an excellent choice for use in video wall displays, determining which category is most appropriate for the application or user depends on what solution attributes are top priorities for the application. Watch this video to get a snapshot of what each of these technologies have to offer and also get some insight into how the right video processing technology helps the effectiveness of your operations. 


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