Choosing video wall technologies based on your priorities

Receive information, analyze and collaborate to maintain status quo or respond to emergent situations – this is the reality of monitoring environments. The challenge lies in effectively visualizing real-time intelligence for efficient monitoring, awareness and communication. Where and how information is displayed are critical questions in determining what technology will support those who are managing and monitoring operational continuity, and responding to actual or impending breaches in protocol. When you need to create a focal point of information for a control room team, particularly in a large format that allows operators to view multiple feeds of content clearly and simultaneously, video walls are the prevalent solution. There are three primary categories of solid-state technology used for control room video walls: LCD panels, LED-lit DLP® projection cubes, and LED display walls (LED tiles).

While each technology is an excellent choice for use in video wall displays, determining which category is most appropriate for the application or user depends on what solution attributes are top priorities for the application. The Choosing video wall technologies based on your priorities” whitepaper discusses some of the most common priorities for control room displays including viewing angle, brightness, seamlessness, lifetime and more. Download this whitepaper to:

  • Develop your understanding of video wall technology
  • Select a video wall solution that works well within your current operations or equips you to evolve your monitoring center – all based on what your priorities are
  • Determine the right option to help you manage your resources

Download the whitepaper



Invenergy LLC recently upgraded its control center with a Christie solution comprising a tiled LCD panel video wall and a Christie Phoenix content management system.

Visit controlrooms.christiedigital.com to learn more. 

About Christie

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