Interactive Energy Maps & GIS Data

MAPSearch offers superior GIS asset data for the energy industry-- petroleum, natural gas, electric power and renewable energy.

Combining the best of spatial accuracy, comprehensive coverage, robust attribute data, and exceptional customer service, MAPSearch offers a unique data service suitable for merger analysis, project siting, system planning, investment evaluation and more. With over 1,000,000 miles of pipeline and 750,000 miles of transmission line, MAPSearch offers the largest database available. Exhaustive attribute information provides infrastructure asset details, giving clients a unique advantage for competitive planning. MAPSearch also houses an advanced research team, ensuring that data stays current and our clients stay ahead of a fast-paced industry.

GIS Data


GIS (Geospatial information systems) is virtual mapping for today’s world.

By using digital data, this information is easily updated by our experienced GIS technicians, and is re-distributed to our clients on a quarterly basis.

With MAPSearch GIS data, clients can visualize information that reveal new relationships, patterns, and trends not visible with text files, spreadsheets or tabular databases.

We offer four comprehensive datasets:

Used separately or together, they allow the industry to be viewed as never before.

Online Mapping with ENvision


ENvision is a truly breakthrough mapping application that simplifies the mapping and analysis of the North American energy infrastructure complex. We’ve spent years building and refining this mapping application to make it both easy to use yet sophisticated enough for serious analysis.

  • Fast and Easy - Make presentation quality maps in minutes; navigate complex infrastructure with lightning speed
  • Portable and Secure - No software to install; simply login in and create maps from anywhere
  • Customizable - Upload and use your own data protected in a secure environment

ENvision is powered by MAPSearch data - the largest commercially available pipeline and electric power mapping database.


Maps & Posters


For years, the energy industry has used MAPSearch paper products as trusted resources. To recieve updates about new products, email and ask to be added to our mailing list.

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