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Infographic: Documented Processes - Key to Successful Unconventional Wells

Have you ever wondered what it takes to have a successful unconventional well? Industry professionals have shared insight with PennEnergy to outline the most effective strategies for successful completion of unconventional wells. Learn from pros who represent top Shale Basins like the Permian, Eagle Ford, and Marcellus. Engineers, Executive Managers, Mid-Level Managers, Project Mangers, Business Unit Heads, Geoscientists and Information Technologist represent the job functions that we have gathered information from in 2015. “The industry is facing such drastic and rapid changes in development economics, dramatic changes and improvements are now needed to continue developing reserves.” Find out how with PennEnergy.


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Infographic: Operational Analytics in the Power Industry

 Utilities are now leveraging a new generation of analytics that allows them to make smarter operational decisions, improve asset performance, and deliver better overall business outcomes. Please download the Operation Analytics Infographic to see how utilities are working to better understand and manage their operations


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