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PennEnergy’s Power Daily eNewsletter provides the most important news stories in the power generation - including coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewable – transmission and distribution, smart grid, and metering industries, powered by Pennwell’s trusted publications, such as Power Engineering; Electric Light & Power; Power Grid International; Utility Automation; and Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production, as well as unique to PennEnergy content and information.



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A must-have for petroleum professionals, PennEnergy’s Petroleum Daily eNewsletter is packed with the day’s top oil and gas news. Providing articles from PennWell’s petroleum brands including Oil & Gas Journal, Offshore magazine, and Oil & Gas Financial Journal, as well as original PennEnergy content, the Petroleum Daily eNewsletter covers everything from exploration and production to refining, processing, and transportation, company information, regulatory news, and commodity trends.



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Delivered to your inbox each Friday, this eNewsletter provides unique and valuable perspective on the business of the petroleum industry. Includes Top Oil & Gas News, Energy Insights, Oil & Gas Jobs, and Oil & Gas Research.



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Delivered to your inbox each Friday, this eNewsletters provides unique and valuable perspective on the business of the power industry. Includes Top Power Headlines, PennEnergy Blogs, PennEnergy Jobs, and Power Industry Research.



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Provides content designed to help you manage your career as an energy professional, addressing job-related topics, career search techniques, and a sampling of jobs posted over the course of the week on by the energy industry’s top employers.


PennEnergy Oil & Gas Jobs

PennEnergy Oil & Gas Jobs

PennEnergy Power & Petro Jobs

PennEnergy Power & Petro Jobs

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