PennEnergy Contacts

PennWell Corporation
1421 S. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74112

June Griffin
Sr. Vice President & Publisher
tel: 918.831.9857

Matthew Dresher
tel: 918.831.9539


Joey Mechelle Stenner
Content Director
tel: 918.831.9598

Sales & Marketing

Laura Kresse
Sales Manager. PennEnergy
tel: 918.831.9551

Courtney Ferguson
Sales Manager. Research
tel: 918.831.9558

Daniel Bell
Marketing Manager
tel: 918.831.9579


Mak Udezue
Project Manager
tel: 918.831.9183

Judy Hymer
Database Product Coordinator
tel: 918.831.6509

Scott Thompson
Research Analyst
tel: 918.832.9267

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