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All Energy, All the Time

Dorothy Davis Ballard, Content Director and Hilton Price, Editor - PennEnergy

The future of energy is dependent on what is happening today. From exploration, development and production of our oil and natural gas assets, to power generation -- be it coal, natural gas, nuclear or renewable -- this blog will focus on how today's news is affecting tomorrow's energy outlook.


Governing Energy

Dr. Scott M. Shemwell, CEO of Knowledge Ops 

The Governing Energy blog presents a series of biweekly commentaries about contemporary issues in organizational governance and its new role in operations from Dr. Scott M. Shemwell.



Interliance Insights

Michael Geczi, Interliance Consulting, Inc.

Energy sector management insight and analysis from Interliance Consulting, Inc. We cover the trends and issues that are transforming the industry, share practical management approaches and tools to master these changes, and provide examples of companies that have succeeded in this process.


The Insitu Machinist

Engineers around the world are always striving for news ways of maintaining essential plant equipment. The Insitu Machinist is here to share regular advice and guidance for on-site machining engineers looking to optimize the performance of on-site assets by maximizing uptime and improving productivity


More than Weather Talk

What effect will extreme weather have on my business? How should I protect my personnel, operations and bottom line when threatened by these events? These questions and more will be addressed by ImpactWeather's team of expert meteorologists and business continuity specialists, who will share their advice on risk mitigation, sever weather preparedness and seasonal forecasts.


The Black Swan Blog

Davis Swan

Davis started his career working with the Geological Survey of Canada and has spent more than 20 years working in the Oil & Gas Industry in Calgary, Alberta. A great believer in the Black Swan theory developed by Nassim Taleb, Davis’ blog will focus on undiscovered technologies and methodologies that could have a major impact on energy development and use in the coming years.


Utility of the Future

The Utility of the Future blog provides perspectives that are intended to inform all participants along the Americas energy value chain—from production to use. We invite you to read, respond, and share your expertise and experiences throughout this knowledge community.


The Smart Griddler's View

Stephen Heiser

Who is "The Smart Griddler?”  His name is Stephen Heiser and no, he's not a Mensa member  who likes to make pancakes. He's not a superhero comic book character (although he is some kind of character). He's just a curious guy who likes to solve puzzles, learn about new technologies and share with others.  His aim is to demystify some of the challenges of the Smart Grid by breaking things down and translating  complexities of the modern power grid into bite size commentary fit for lay people as well as energy experts.  All told in the amusing narrative one would expect from someone who calls himself "The Griddler."  Brought to you by the good folks at Alstom Grid who understand the mission-critical nature and intricacies of the power system network and provide smart energy solutions for our shared sustainable future.


Top 3 Pipeline Right of Way Data Management Trends Series

Part 1 - Introduction

Planning, securing, and managing right-of-way (ROW) data for pipeline construction generates large amounts of paperwork and data management needs.

Part 2 - Automating ROW Data Capture in the Field
When automating a data collection process, deciding how to share and archive the data is just as important as choosing the right collection device.

Part 3 - Preparing for the Cloud
Reducing IT costs and improving collaboration have been key factors driving cloud adoption in general. A key reason that many pipeline systems are late to the cloud is the fact that they’ve been heavily customized and hardcoded over the years.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Oil & Gas Data Capture and Management Series

Part 1- Introduction
Regardless of the technological advancements in Oil & Gas operations, large amounts of operational field data are still being captured on paper.

Part 2 - The Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Device Decision-Making
With a closer look at data collection challenges, now let’s walk through the 1st set of Do’s and Don’ts surrounding mobile device decision-making.

Part 3 - We’re all hearing more and more talk about “the Cloud”
“The cloud” is more than just a new buzz word in the tech community; there are numerous benefits the cloud has to offer organizations that collect, store, and analyze data.

Part 4 - Going with vendors or software for mobile form apps?
In this final installment of the series: The Do’s and Don’ts for Oil & Gas Data Capture and Management, we’ll be outlining the benefits of leveraging software form apps that can be used on a variety of devices with minimal IT involvement.

Automating Paperwork for Your Mobile Teams Series

Part 1 - Getting Started
Let’s start with the good news and the bad news which is there are more reasons and ways to automate Oil & Gas paperwork than ever before. Like you, millions of mobile energy workers are turning to mobile technologies to help deal with increasing pressure to do more with fewer resources, maintain uptime, respond quickly to issues, and thoroughly document conditions and work status. Let’s take a closer look at the landscape.

Part 2 - Top 3 Reasons to Automate Your Paperwork
Since automating field paperwork can offer a range of obvious benefits, asking yourself “why?” mightseem like a no-brainer. But, it’s critical to think deeply about why you want to automate your workflows and the key benefits that you expect.

Part 3 - The 8 Key Considerations Before You Pick A Technology
Now that you have focused on an immediate problem to solve, mapped out your existing workflows with your broader team, and articulated a longer term vision – it’s time to look at some very specific aspects about your workflows and needs which will have big impacts on your ultimate technology decisions.

Part 4 - The 4 Technology Options: Picking The Right One For Your Mobile Team
In this week’s 4th and final post we’re walking through the 4 technology options and picking the right one for your team. Instead of listing preferred makes and models that will quickly become out of date, I’ve grouped mobile data capture technologies into four categories, outlining each solution’s capabilities, appropriate scenarios for each technology, and drawbacks.

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