Gasification company MagneGas begins new project

Technology and energy company MagneGas Corporation recently announced it would begin its MagneGas 2 production operation.

Technology and energy company MagneGas Corporation recently announced it would begin its MagneGas 2 production operation. With this new movement, the company upgraded its design elements and the different gasification equipment that turns liquid waste into hydrogen-based fuels.

The company is known for several different technologies in this industry. Additionally, many metal companies can use MagneGas instead of acetylene. Ermanno Santilli, CEO of MagneGas, explained that equipment and procedure updates will help the company increase production.

"Today I am pleased to announce the re-start of gasification and the ramp up of MagneGas 2 production," said Santilli, according to the company press release. "Our team has been working very hard to re-start gas production and used this period to upgrade designs, equipment and safety procedures."

The industry would benefit if MagneGas could begin to replace acetylene since it is dangerous to use and not as productive. Santilli said in a press release last May that the industrial gas sector has kept an open mind to new innovative products, which not only increase productivity, but also reduce the impact on the environment.

"MagneGas 2 is one of those new products that is expanding our market share with the growing demand and recognition for our products," Santilli added. "We are excited at the enormity of these opportunities presented to us in just the last 30 days. Our commitment for our shareholders is to continue to establish MagneGas as the standard for safety and usability."

The company plans to increase its overall capital with the new production line in the MagneGas 2 project. The company has sold equipment in this sector since 2007 and is based in Tampa, Florida.

More information on new industrial technology can be found on PennEnergy's research area.

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