Intertek shale oil & gas expert to speak at Argus Americas Crude Summit

Source: Intertek

Intertek shale oil & gas expert to speak at Argus Americas Crude SummitIntertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, today announced that Shale Oil & Gas Corporate Technical Director Kesavalu M. Bagawandoss Ph.D., J.D., will be presenting at the annual Argus Crude Summit on January 23 in Houston, TX.

Dr. Bagawandoss (“Dr. Doss”) will take a closer look at managing the challenges of the changing crude oil landscape during the session titled, “Quality Counts - Establishing Metrics for Trading Advantaged Shale Crudes.”

Dr. Bagawandoss will take a closer look at managing the challenges of the changing crude oil landscape during the session.“The domestic USA and international crude oil markets are changing at a rapid pace. Companies are faced with the need to manage new quality, quantity, measurement, and safety challenges and standards, due to the expanding shale oil & gas revolution,” said Steve Marmillion, Shale Play Senior Director.

The Intertek presentation will provide an update on the challenges affiliated with shale oil, and share new insights into notable crude oil issues being observed in the field and the laboratory as more shale oil and condensates are produced. Additional quality, quantity, and safety challenges related to shale crude being transported across North America by railcar and other ‘non-traditional’ methods also will be addressed.

“With expansion of shale oil production, the transportation of crude oils by rail, truck, and barge continues to grow. Safety, quality, and quantity issues create challenges to the industry,” said Jerry Difede, Vice President. “With the increased usage of trucks, railcars, and barges to move these new shale crude oils to market, the question of what is happening with the quality and quantity of new crudes being delivered to refineries is a constant concern. Managing shale crude oil safety, quality, and quantity issues positively benefits all sectors; production, transport, storage, and refinery stakeholders and operations.”

Intertek’s expanded scope of expertise to the global oil and gas industry includes crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids testing, inspection, certification, metering, calibration, cargo additives treatment, NDT, Corrosion Control, and other services. Intertek personnel support client exploration & production, product transportation, loss control, and quality control activities.

Technical services are tailored to meet the needs of oil industry clients, providing crude oil field sampling and inspection services for refineries, oil-fields, storage tanks, railcars, barges, pipelines, and ocean going tankers, conducted to accepted industry and safety standards. Intertek measurement specialists offer professional calibration and gauging of meters, storage tanks, and railcars.


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