Elster: Flexible software solution enables delivery of tailored energy efficiency services

Elster (NYSE: ELT) has announced that Matrix Control Solutions Ltd, the UK's largest energy management company, has seen significant growth in its value adding energy management business due to its partnership with Elster EnergyICT.

By including Elster EnergyICT’s EIServer™ in its portfolio of energy management solutions, Matrix Control Solutions Ltd has been able to secure major deals with companies including Dixons Retail plc and Lloyds Banking Group plc, and cement its position as the energy management service provider of choice among the UK’s most prominent organizations.

Matrix Control Solutions Ltd offers a comprehensive range of energy services, including building management, real-time energy management and sustainable control and monitoring to complex, multi-site organizations in the UK and throughout mainland Europe. Working in partnership with an innovative solution provider such as Elster EnergyICT, Matrix Control Solutions Ltd enables leading commercial, industrial and public sector organizations to develop policies and procedures to manage and reduce energy consumption on a sustainable basis.

Matrix Control Solutions Ltd offers EIServer™ as an Energy Data Management System that provides its clients with a central data repository for energy management projects, and which enables them to turn energy consumption data into useful business insights. The EIServer™ can be used for all aspects of energy management, including data validation, billing, actual and comparative forecasting, monitoring and verification, benchmarking, analysis and reporting, among other functions.

The EIServer™ is a flexible, scalable solution that enables Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) like Matrix Control Solutions Ltd to select and filter the data in order to deliver customized reports, graphs and charts that their customers demand. The power of the system enables ESCOs to have ‘energy intelligence in action’ by allowing them to develop and then implement their own initiatives to avoid energy waste by acting upon the available information.

“We had been aware of Elster EnergyICT for some time, and our research showed that it provided market-leading products to ESCOs, as well as utilities and end users. When we met key personnel at Elster EnergyICT, it became clear that our two companies would complement each other to the advantage of our clients, and that Elster EnergyICT understood how our business works and how their experience and knowledge of energy management systems could add an extra dimension to our services – and vice versa,” said Mike Ramsden, Technology Director at Matrix Control Solutions Ltd.

“EIServer™ provides us with a mature, powerful, and most of all flexible system that allows us to deliver targeted, specific services that helps us address each client’s unique and individual challenges,” Ramsden added.

Spencer Rigler, Vice President of Energy Management at Elster EnergyICT noted that, “Energy Management has become an essential business process for organizations of all kinds: whether it is in response to a tighter regulatory climate, rising energy prices or a commitment to social responsibility.”

“In this environment, the role of ESCOs is expanding rapidly, and they are now one of our fastest growing market segments. The EIServer™ is designed to provide this crucial market with the same functionality, reliability and scalability that we have developed for major utilities over the past 20 years. Coupled with our extensive experience with retailers and multi-site customers globally, supported by expert knowledge and understanding of the energy service market, we have been able to ensure end-users have a solution that delivers real, repeatable and sustainable energy savings,” Rigler added.

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