Kurion helps to remove radioactivity from water at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan

Source: Kurion

Kurion, Inc. has completed the initial delivery a week and a half ago of several hundred tons of equipment and its Ion Specific Media to support its key role to remove radioactivity from contaminated water at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Kurion engineers started arriving at the Fukushima site a week ago Wednesday with more arriving over the next two weeks to support system installation, commissioning and startup mid-June. The Kurion system is part of an unprecedented effort by an international team of leading radioactive waste management companies to quickly deliver a large contaminated water processing system. Kurion is the sole American company in this historic water processing effort. 

The overall processing system has several stages including debris and oil removal, radioactivity removal (Kurion’s role), and desalinization. The goal is to process radioactive contaminated water presently in the turbine buildings, along with new cooling water added daily, and return the purified water to the plant for recycle as reactor cooling water. For defense in depth a second radioactivity removal system is being developed and delivered by Areva of France. 

Kurion CEO John Raymont said: “The Kurion system was designed and fabricated on a 24-hour/day 7 day per week basis with many redesigns as the customer’s specifications were modified repeatedly as new data was learned from the damaged plant. Despite constantly evolving specifications the principal equipment and Ion Specific Media were delivered in an extraordinarily short five weeks after approval to proceed. This has been an unprecedented project and level of effort to compress into weeks what took 18-months to prepare for the Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant accident water cleanup. All parties from TEPCO to Kurion to our system fabricators should be applauded for their personal commitment and sacrifices to getting the job done right under intense pressure.” 

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