Philippines greenlights 11 power projects

The Philippine government has cleared 11 power projects to proceed with grid impact studies, newspaper The Philippine Star reports.

The projects totalling 1877.9 MW include plants with diverse fuel sources, data from the nation’s energy department showed.   

Included are five hydropower projects, three coal-fired power projects, two solar projects and one biomass-fired project.  

Among the hydropower projects are the 300 MW Bolusao pumped storage plant in Eastern Samar province, the 150 MW Chico project in Kalinga, the 140 MW Davao project in Davao City, and 100 MW and 50 MW pumped storage projects in Rizal.  

Of the coal-fired projects, a 600 MW plant in Quezon, a 344 MW subcritical plant in Zambales and a 64 MW ‘power barge’ to be located in Cebu are included.   

The 15 MW Bogo 3 solar plant and a 100 MW solar plant in Leyte were also included, as was a 14.9 MW bagasse-fired cogeneration plant, to be developed by Crystal Sugar Inc in Bukidnon.

The Duterte administration has been reviewing the country’s energy policy since assuming power in July, with the energy sector anxiously awaiting the results. The previous government’s policy aimed for a so-called ‘30-30-30’ mix, which would get 30 per cent of the nation’s power from coal, 30 per cent from natural gas, 30 per cent from renewables and 10 per cent from oil.

Around 50 per cent of the nation’s power currently comes from coal- and diesel-fired plants, 30 per cent from natural gas-fired plants and 10 per cent from renewable sources such as geothermal, wind, hydropower and solar.

Energy department data have shown that 5 GW will be added from 47 plants currently under construction, around 70 per cent of which are coal-fired.


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