Range Resources completes three North Louisiana extension gas wells

Range Resources Corp. has completed three wells in the extension area of North Louisiana, south of Terryville. The three wells were drilled on the north, east, and west sides of Vernon field. Each encountered natural gas in multiple zones across the Upper and Lower Red intervals.

Executives said Range sees long-term development potential for the extension areas. Initial tests confirm the Lower Cotton Valley pay section has multiple stacked-pay targets and thickens as it gets closer to Vernon field.

The well west of Vernon logged pay in three Upper Red zones with an estimated 210 bcf/sq mile in place. The same well logged pay in three zones in the Lower Red with an estimated 188 bcf/sq mile.

Crews completed the well in an Upper Red zone. It initially flowed at 6,500 psi with a peak constrained 24-hr production of 12.4 MMcfd.

Range expects the well will have EUR in line with Terryville Upper and Lower Red wells based on managed cumulative production of 660 MMcf after 79 days. The lateral was 5,050 ft.

The eastern well also logged pay in three Upper Red zones and three Lower Red zones. The Upper Red zones had 153 bcf/sq mile and the Lower Red totaled 263 bcf/sq mile. Range reported the well, completed in a Lower Red zone, initially flowed at 6,700 psi. Range reported a peak constrained 24-hr production of 23.3 MMcfd. The lateral was 4,250 ft.

The well north of Vernon field has less production history. The well, completed in a Lower Red zone, initially flowed at 5,600 psi. Range reported a peak constrained 24-hr production of 5 MMcfd.

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