OGA to host well construction hackathon

Offshore staff

LONDON –The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) will hold a hackathon to identify new technology and practices which can reduce the cost of well construction on the UK continental shelf (UKCS). The event is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2016, at the Oil & Gas Technology Centre in Aberdeen.

Jointly driven by the Technology Leadership Board Workgroup, ITF and the OGA, the focus of the event will be to highlight challenges associated with well construction and to use the day as a platform for supply companies, including developers, to work with industry to identify innovative solutions. It is the first of a series of hackathons to take place at the newly established Oil & Gas Technology Centre.

Margaret Copland, senior wells and technology manager at the OGA, said: “Well construction currently accounts for approximately half of field development costs. By hosting this hackathon, we particularly want to identify technologies that can be adapted from other industries and new, innovative ideas that could transform how wells are constructed.

“New technologies and efficient practices have the power to deliver significant savings in this area. This could allow additional marginal and mature field reserves to be developed and extend the life of existing infrastructure to maximize economic recovery for the whole UKCS.”

The format for the day will comprise a number of themed stations with additional support from facilitators, also known as “pioneering practitioners,” who will capture the ideas at each topic station.

• Challenge 1 – Rock cutting and transportation

• Challenge 2 – Borehole stability and formation pressure

• Challenge 3 – Wellbore isolation

• Challenge 4 – Materials for downhole equipment

• Challenge 5 – Maximizing productivity from a well.

Ideas generated at the event will be collated into a report which will be made freely available and be used in developing a program of projects.

Attendance at this hackathon is by invitation only and there are a limited number of spaces.


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