Russia, Norway share Barents Sea seismic data

Offshore staff

OSLO, Norway – The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and Russia’s Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency, Rosnedra, have agreed to exchange seismic data from areas around the Russian-Norwegian median line in the Barents Sea.

Stig-Morten Knutsen, the NPD’s assistant director within Exploration, said: “It allows us to achieve a better understanding of the regional geological conditions on both sides of the demarcation line and, not least, of geological structures that span across the line.”

Rosnedra initiated the data exchange around two years ago, with NPD’s director general Bente Nyland and director of Rosnedra Evgeny A. Kiselev signing the accord this July.

Authorities from both countries will exchange roughly the same volume of data. From the Russian side, this includes all seismic compiled in 2013 over the Fedynsky and central Barents Sea licenses, in a zone 50 km (31 mi) from the demarcation line.

Russia will also provide a line from a gas discovery on the Kildinskoye High. NPD has received a total of 6,500 km (4,039 mi) of 2D seismic from these areas.

Rosnedra in return has received 5,900 km (3,666 mi) of 2D data from the Norwegian side, including seismic acquired by NPD over the northern Barents Sea in 2012, 2013, and 2014, limited to east of 35°E and south of 76°10N.

In addition, Russia will receive a seismic line from the stratigraphic boreholes on the Sentralbank High, and a long line that spans north to south in the Arctic Ocean.


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